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C Janee` Make-up & Design Services
About C Janee`Make-up & Design Services
About Chanell:

“It’s your self confidence of not being timid of what you can create when
expressing individual style.”  Chanell Janee` attending Indiana State
University and Indiana Business College, and earned all certificates
of completion in Fashion Merchandising and Design.  From there, Chanell
has built upon these accomplishments and achieved 7 years of fashion industry
experience in sales, production, promotions and window displays both planned
and creative.  She has been involved in a wide variety of creative environments,
through showing versatility by being in and working on several fashion shows
and photo shoots, throughout Indiana and Los Angeles.  Chanell has
developed an extraordinary talent for fashion, styling and makeup artistry.  

Chanell’s sense of fashion took place as a child.  Growing up, Chanell paid
attention to people’s style, makeup and what they wore.  She also enjoyed
watching fashion shows on TV and went to the library to read her favorite
books about “Chanel” and other fashion designers.  Creating her own style
and applying makeup on herself helped her express the passion she felt
"Never leave the house without looking Glamorous."
about designing  and makeup artistry and how everyone could discover their true individual self image.  With a name like
“Chanell”, she was destined to be in the World of Fashion.  Experimenting on her two younger sisters, and friends  
enhanced Chanell’s ideas of how clothes and makeup could change their complete look to create their own unique image.

Now between in Los Angeles and Southern Florida two of the creative fashion cities in the world, Chanell’s
experiences and passion for fashion and beauty  has allowed her to excel and follow her dreams.   Chanell knows how to
create services to suit your specific needs while keeping within your budget.  While passionate about enhancing beauty
inside and out, through new trends and styles, she still maintains a sense of personal power as an entrepreneur.  Chanell
has unique abilities to help create a professional and stylish new individual you!